DON'T Ask, DON'T Tell


but not


S.L Davis

All Deasha wanted was a little cash money to fund her clubbing habits while in college, but what she was about to embark on was more than she volunteered for when she signed up for the Army.

Sex, Lies and Adulterous affairs are just the beginning for this college bound girl and the plot begins to thicken as she discovers that somewhere in between lies a secret society based on greed and dissension.

In this riveting, yet eye opening novel, there will be laughter, tears and it will definetely pull at your heart strings.

Don’t Ask… Don’t Tell: Broken, But Not Shattered, shows the struggle of morality versus spirituality and keeps you intrigued page by page. It also shows the everyday struggle of a young black women in a predominately male organization that uses what she has to get what she want, which ultimately is love.

Sherale Davis

The Author

is originally from Riviera Beach, Florida but grew up in Columbia, South Carolina. She states that the best things to ever happen to her bedsides finding God was and will always be the birth of her children. She medically retired from the service after 21 years of servicing both the reserves and active duty. She shortly thereafter received her BA in Psychology and MS in Criminal Justice, specializing in Forensic Science from Ashford University. She is also the proud co-owner of Notcho Average Sauce, LLC alongside her daughter who spearheads the operation. Her mission in life is to leave an imprint on this earth by making sure that those who know her will never forget her and that her children’s will never have struggle.
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